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Net-zero Carbon and Climate-resilient Developments

Our team of climate experts can help your project take advantage of the latest climate-smart thinking and strategies.

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Mantle Developments helps real estate projects be future-proof and net-zero carbon ready. We go beyond energy efficiency to manage life cycle embodied carbon while promoting resilient climate adaptation measures.

Mantle Developments Embodied Carbon Management


The manufacture and transportation of construction materials is responsible for over 11% of global emissions and 50% of emissions from new buildings to 2050. Mantle Developments understands, quantifies, minimizes, offsets/removes, and reports these emissions.


Leading owners and designers of building and infrastructure are asking for low-carbon products and materials to help achieve their net-zero ambitions. When product and material manufacturers are asked “what is the carbon footprint of your concrete block” (or any other product or material), many simply don’t know and are lacking data and documentation.

Climate Resilient Construction

Climate Resilient Construction

Our changing climate means that developments are increasingly being subjected to weather conditions they weren’t designed for, from floods to wildfire. Mantle Developments can help your organization understand your business and/or project’s exposure to climate risk and provide targeted solutions.

Low-carbon Construction & Certification

Mantle Developments can help your project achieve climate-related voluntary certifications and mandatory regulatory requirements.

Low-carbon Construction & Compliance
Mantle Developments Policy Development & Research

Policy Development & Research

We support leading policymakers, asset owners, and developers to research and develop innovative climate-smart strategies, plans, and policies.

Education & Training

The first step to creating low-carbon and climate-resilient developments is to understand why these are good for people, the planet, and long-term profits. Mantle Developments provides custom training that can be tailored to suit your stakeholders from tenants to board and executives.

Mantle Developments Education & Training

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Climate Insights

Restoring Canada’s Housing Affordability and Cutting Carbon Emissions: The Modular Construction Approach

To restore housing affordability, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) projects that Canada will need an additional 3.5 million housing units beyond those currently […]

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Toronto Homes Can’t Go Carbon-Neutral Unless Developers Get On Board

This featured article from The Local explores the crucial role of developers in making Toronto’s housing carbon-neutral. This piece dives into innovative green building practices […]

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One Yonge Teardown Proposal Fires Up Carbon Cost Debate.

We are excited to share an insightful article from The Globe and Mail discussing the environmental impact of building demolitions, featuring a discussion with our […]

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How Toronto Can Reduce Embodied Carbon Through Smarter Design, Circularity, and Procurement

Embodied carbon is being increasingly recognized for its central role in the carbon impact of the built environment. The City of Toronto is leading the […]

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Latest Projects

Climate Projects

Integrating Life-cycle Assessment into Ontario’s Infrastructure Planning and Decision Making

We performed research, analysis and provided insights for consideration on strategies to integrate life cycle assessment (LCA) into future government infrastructure planning and decision-making. This […]

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Climate Resilience Strategy Development and Implementation

Climate Resilience Strategy Development and Implementation

We helped develop the YMCA of Greater Toronto’s first Climate Resilience Strategy. This included outreach and education to various team members including senior management, the […]

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Insights from the TD Future Cities Centre’s Net Zero Carbon Redevelopment

Net Zero Carbon Construction: Insights from the TD Future Cities Centre’s Net Zero Carbon Redevelopment

The TD Future Cities Centre located at Evergreen Brick Works, in Toronto’s Don Valley, is a model of true sustainable development. This report shares practical […]

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Embodied carbon management for office interiors renovation

We supported the low-carbon renovation of the Bentall Centre in downtown Vancouver through: Developing an embodied carbon procurement strategy and compared the embodied carbon of […]

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Nova Scotia Power Case Study: Increasing Power Utility Resilience Through Climate Change Scenario Analysis

The power sector and its infrastructure are increasingly exposed to physical climate risks and  subject to short-term acute disruptions and longer-term chronic impacts reducing operational efficiency.

Increasing Power Utility Resilience Through Climate Change Scenario Analysis (1)

Looking to reduce your climate-risk by creating developments that are aligned with a net zero and climate-adjusted future?