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Net-zero & Embodied Carbon Management

The manufacture and transportation of construction materials is responsible for over 11% of global emissions and 50% of emissions from new buildings to 2050. This “embodied carbon” of construction projects is increasingly being managed (quantified, reduced, offset/removed, and disclosed), and in some regions regulated. Mantle Developments can help your construction project achieve net-zero carbon emissions by:

  • Using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology to quantify the carbon footprint of your project, compare design alternatives, and recommend reduction opportunities in collaboration with the design team, construction team, and material suppliers
  • Sourcing high-quality carbon offsets and/or removals for any residual carbon
  • Comparing against industry benchmarks and preparing public and/or investor reporting and disclosure documentation
  • Developing decarbonization strategies for development owners and project team members

The result is a clear understanding of your project or organization’s life cycle carbon impact along with actionable strategies to minimize and offset/remove it making you net zero carbon-ready.

Mantle Developments Embodied Carbon Management
Climate Resilient Construction

Climate Resilient Construction

Our changing climate means that developments are increasingly being subjected to weather conditions they weren’t designed for, from floods to wildfire. Mantle Developments can help your organization understand your business and/or project’s exposure to climate risk and provide targeted solutions. Services include:

  • Portfolio-level climate risk assessment (based on postal/zip code or address)
  • Asset-level climate risk assessment (based on asset properties and location)
  • Climate-resilient design strategies for new developments
  • Retrofit strategies to mitigate climate risk of existing assets

We can also perform climate risk assessments for critical service providers and members of your supply chain.

Low-carbon Construction & Certification

Mantle Developments can help your project achieve climate-related voluntary certifications and mandatory regulatory requirements.

  • LEED certification
  • Zero Carbon Building Standard
  • Global ESG Benchmarks for Real Assets (GRESB)
  • Toronto Green Standard
  • Vancouver’s Green Building Policy for Rezoning
  • Climate Lens

We also have extensive experience in the fast-developing space of mass timber construction. We help our clients maximize the benefits and minimize the risks associated with this innovative building material while proposing best-practices to maximize mass timber's carbon benefit for your projects.

Low-carbon Construction & Compliance
Mantle Developments Policy Development & Research

Policy Development & Research

We support leading policymakers, asset owners, and developers to research and create innovative climate-smart strategies, policies, and requirements to decarbonize the built environment and be prepraed for the changing climate. Research & Policy development topics include:

  • Whole building and construction material life cycle environmental impacts assessment, reporting, reduction methodologies, and best practices
  • Embodied carbon assessment and reduction at different scales, including material, building, portfolio, or jurisdiction
  • Low embodied carbon materials and products, including mass timber products
  • Climate adaptation and resilience

Education & Training

From climate-related strategy and business trend education to the C-suite and board, to operational training to construction crews and material suppliers, Mantle Developments helps your organization become more climate-informed with actionable training. We provide climate action workshops, education, and training to introduce, engage and inspire your stakeholders. Education topics include:

  • Carbon, including embodied carbon (scope 3) & life cycle assessment (LCA)
  • Climate resilience
  • Climate-change and embodied-carbon construction policies, certifications, codes & standards
  • Net-zero carbon construction practices
  • Customized training as requested
Mantle Developments Education & Training

Looking to reduce your climate-risk by creating developments that are aligned with a net zero and climate-adjusted future?

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