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Nova Scotia Power Case Study: Increasing Power Utility Resilience Through Climate Change Scenario Analysis

The power sector and its infrastructure are increasingly exposed to physical climate risks and subject to short-term acute disruptions and longer-term chronic impacts reducing operational […]

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Exploring Circular Strategies to Extend the Life of Existing Buildings; Retrofit Versus Demolition and New Construction

In a new study released on behalf of CSA Group, Mantle Developments carried out a comparative analysis assessing the impacts of deep retrofits in comparison […]

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Canadian Nuclear Laboratories: Case Study and Environmental Impact Analysis 

Mantle Developments created a case study on the Canadian Nuclear Lab’s recent mass timber demonstration projects at their Chalk River campus in eastern Ontario. At […]

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Climate Adaptation and Resilience in Commercial Real Estate

Mantle Developments conducted a national and international literature review of existing codes, standards, guidelines, and resources, to support the Canadian Standards Association’s (CSA) climate resilience […]

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Policy Primer: Regulating Embodied Emissions of Buildings; Insights for Ontario’s Municipal Governments

Download the policy primer here.  Mantle Developments, together with the University of Toronto’s Ha/f Research Studio and the City of Toronto’s Planning Department, have produced a […]

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Ontario’s first benchmarking of embodied carbon for large buildings

Mantle Developments, together with the University of Toronto’s Ha/f Research Studio and the City of Toronto, have produced the first benchmarking of embodied carbon for […]

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Strategies for Low Carbon Concrete

Mantle Developments authors report on procuring low embodied carbon concrete.  Did you know that concrete is the second most widely consumed substance after only water? […]

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Net Zero Carbon Construction

Understanding Embodied Carbon & Net Zero Carbon Construction When it comes to creating lower-carbon construction, does the building industry have a blind spot? For a […]

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Integrating LCA into Ontario’s Infrastructure Planning & Decision Making

Mantle was engaged by the Ontario Ministry of Infrastructure to perform research, analysis, and provide insights for consideration on strategies to integrate life cycle assessment […]

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Embodied Carbon

Embodied Carbon in Construction: Policy Primer for Ontario

This primer provides an overview of the concept of embodied carbon and describes how life cycle assessment (LCA) can be used to calculate and minimize […]

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