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Comment Period Open for Two Initiatives that Could Reshape Embodied Carbon Regulations and Reporting in North America

Two documents are currently open for public comment that have the ability to transform embodied carbon management in North American buildings. The first is a […]

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Low-carbon Solutions Celebrated at the Inaugural Ontario Embodied Carbon Awards

Introduction On November 28, 2023, the Ontario Embodied Carbon Awards, a collaboration between the Carbon Leadership Forum’s Toronto and Ottawa hubs, were unveiled to celebrate […]

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How Canada Can Solve Two Problems at Once: Building Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis 

Canada’s bounty has made us lazy. As a country, we haven’t prioritized efficiency because we haven’t had to. Over the past century, we’ve built sprawling […]

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Regulating Embodied Carbon in Construction: Lessons from California

Mantle Developments has examined California’s pioneering approach to regulating embodied carbon in construction and explores potential lessons for Ontario in embodied carbon regulation. Keywords: Embodied […]

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