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Which insulation most effectively reduces whole-life carbon (embodied and  operational)? 

  As the building industry is ramping up its efforts to minimize embodied carbon emissions, structural elements have been the main focus. Embodied emissions from […]

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Ontario’s first benchmarking of embodied carbon for large buildings

Mantle Developments, together with the University of Toronto’s Ha/f Research Studio and the City of Toronto, have produced the first benchmarking of embodied carbon for […]

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Mass Timber Through a Life Cycle Lens

Mantle Developments is a leading partner on benchmarking work related to embodied carbon for large buildings in Ontario. This work was featured in Canadian Architect […]

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Strategies for Low Carbon Concrete

Mantle Developments authors report on procuring low embodied carbon concrete.  Did you know that concrete is the second most widely consumed substance after only water? […]

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Looking to reduce your climate-risk by creating developments that are aligned with a net zero and climate-adjusted future?

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