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Understanding Embodied Carbon & Net Zero Carbon Construction

When it comes to creating lower-carbon construction, does the building industry have a blind spot? For a model of true sustainable development, consider Evergreen Brick Works’ landmark location in Toronto’s Don Valley. There, the historic Kiln Building has been transformed into the TD Future Cities Centre. This innovative project demonstrates what’s possible when you take a holistic view towards creating a carbon-neutral construction project.

New buildings are increasingly energy-efficient. This means operational energy use (and carbon) is becoming a smaller piece of the carbon impact of construction while embodied carbon is an increasingly dominant source of emissions.

Not at the TD Future Cities Centre.

Developers, architects, engineers, designers, and construction managers will learn how the TD Future Cities Centre project partners progressed towards their goal of carbon neutrality at a historic site. Embodied carbon should be on the radar of investors in new development projects and owners renovating existing properties. Learn more about whole life carbon and how addressing this at the earliest stages of project planning can slash your carbon footprint for minimal costs.

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