Eoin Taggart

Advisor // Toronto

Eoin is an advisor focusing on environmental product declarations and life-cycle assessments for buildings and products. He brings a broad experience base in forestry, mass timber, building certification standards, and industrial decarbonization. 

His undergraduate degree in Agricultural Science & Forestry gave him a solid base in sustainability, carbon sequestration, and project management. He completed a master’s degree in Bioeconomy with Business at University College Dublin, exploring the potential use of waste wood in a mass timber product, including a life cycle assessment to determine its environmental impacts.

Eoin subsequently completed a graduate diploma in life cycle assessment and carbon accounting, where he carried out a GHG inventory for a glass bottle manufacturer and a life cycle assessment for a poultry feed product for a global agribusiness company.

Seeking to understand the full impact of our supply chains and end-of-life treatment of our products has been a driver for him throughout his career. Before starting at Mantle, he worked as a business development manager at CoolPlanet, an engineering and software company, where he sourced and maintained new clients, developed strategic partnerships, and assisted with data collection and analysis for carbon accounting and abatement.

Looking to reduce your climate-risk by creating developments that are aligned with a net zero and climate-adjusted future?