Eslam Elshorbagy

Advisor – Toronto, ON

Eslam Elshorbagy works at the interface of engineering and policy to achieve net-zero buildings and infrastructure. He focuses on sustainable projects, carbon disclosures, and policy development. He is the founder of the Carbon Leadership Forum Ottawa Hub.

Prior to joining Mantle Developments, he worked as a research and teaching assistant at the department of Civil Engineering at the University of Ottawa. His research focused on integrating engineering, science, economics, and policy to achieve a net zero building sector by applying a life cycle thinking approach to provide evidence for decision-makers. His research projects included urban comparative analysis, campus as a living lab initiative, and building’s integrated renewable energy and energy storage analysis. During his time at uOttawa, he worked with the Campus Sustainability Office to reduce campus electricity consumption and enhance sustainability practices. He also has more than three years of experience in construction and project management, managing different aspects of projects, including cost, time, risk, and stakeholders.

Eslam holds a Master of Applied Science in Civil Engineering and Policy from the University of Ottawa and a Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management from the American University in Egypt. He is a certified Project Management Professional “PMP” and a LEED Green Associate.


Looking to reduce your climate-risk by creating developments that are aligned with a net zero and climate-adjusted future?