Joshua Mogil

Advisor – Toronto

Joshua is an advisor focusing on environmental product declarations and life-cycle assessments for materials and products. He brings a broad experience base in metallurgy, mineral processing, low-carbon electrification, and brownfield remediation.

His undergraduate degree in materials engineering gave him a solid base in organic and inorganic chemistry and sustainability. He completed a master’s degree in civil engineering at the University of Toronto, exploring the potential use of fungi for the remediation of volatile organic compounds and avoiding carbon-intensive pump-and-treat solutions. Seeking low-carbon alternatives for current problems has been a driver for him throughout his career. Before starting at Mantle, he worked as a Technology Analyst at Emerald Technology Ventures, a greentech venture capital firm, in which he collaborated with startups at the forefront of innovation in electrification, polymer synthesis, materials, and water purification.

Looking to reduce your climate-risk by creating developments that are aligned with a net zero and climate-adjusted future?